Cold Weather Shelter FAQ


When is it open?

When the temperature is 20 degrees or below (not including temperature difference fromm wind chill factor) from the beginning of November to the end of March. 


How is the shelter accessed?

People call 913-283-HUGS (4847) after 1pm each day. This number will state if the shelter will be open or closed. It is first come, first serve basis for 25 beds. A person must arrive at 6 pm for check in. Nobody will be accepted after 8 pm except at the discretion of the team leader and director. Departure is at 7:30 am.


What takes place?

Upon entry, they will sign in with an assessment. Each person must bag their belongings to be stored while in our facility and in preparation for showers. Showers will take place from 6-9pm. There are three individual showers with separate doors. Men and women are to shower separately. One will wait while the other showers and dresses. Men will be monitored by men and women will be monitored by women. Men, women, and children will be in the sanctuary eating and fellowshipping with volunteers from 7pm-9pm. Lights will be out at 10pm and breakfast is served at 7am. Guests will depart by 7:30am and will be directed toward day warming centers.


At the time of entry, guests are subject to a search. Weapons will be handed over to staff and stored safely with name on weapon. Weapons will be given back to guests when they leave in the morning.


Alcohol, drugs, and paraphernalia will not be allowed in the shelter.


If guest is found to have these items after signing in, guest will be barred from shelter for 7 days. If a guest is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, they WILL be allowed in. However, they will be given a warning that if any inappropriate behavior or disturbance occurs, they will be asked to leave immediately.


How many volunteers are needed?


8-14 volunteers are needed each night


Sign in/Search: 1 male/1 female

Showers: 1 male/1 female

Kitchen: 1-2 people

Relational: 2-4 people

Main Leader: 1 person appointed by director


Of these volunteers, 2 men and 1-2 females will be supervising through the night. Everyone else can leave when their duty is completed.

1925 North 11th Street, Kansas City, KS 66104

Phone: (913) 499-6741  Fax: (913) 499-7363



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